What’s the Best Age for Kids to Go to Walt Disney World?

Great question. It’s one most parents mull over eventually. One that doesn’t have an easy answer.

On one hand, if you only plan to go one time, you want your child to appreciate to some extent and mostly remember the activities, rides, and experience in general. If finances are limited, it takes commitment to save up, and you want your child to experience all WDW has to offer. The younger they are, the more stuff they will need and the shorter their attention and energy spans will be, but the more magical it all seems and with their imaginations running wild.

On the other hand, if you as the adult, love WDW and plan to go multiple times with your kiddo on shorter trips, your rainy day fund won’t need to be so full. If they are older, they can walk independently and verbalize needs clearly, however; they may not be quite as enraptured with the experience.

So, the short answer to the title question is, it depends.

The Right Age to Visit Disney

The Right Age to Visit Disney Depends Upon the Kid

The long-standing generally accepted answer is between the ages of 6 to 8 years old. That said, maybe your child is adventurous at age five and loves huge furry costumed characters at meet and greets. Then go for it! Or maybe you have an active boy who isn’t into princesses, so when his height reaches 38 – 40 inches that may be the magical time to capitalize on all the ride experiences. Waiting a little bit will peek his anticipation.

There is no one “right” answer. Only the one that fits your family best. And keep in mind, anytime you go to Walt Disney World is the right time!