If Walking is a Challenge Can I Enjoy Disney?

You might still be on the fence about taking a Disney trip if someone in your family or party is challenged by the walking required.  Rest assured there are lots of resources to meet this need.  Remember, Disney deals with massive amounts of people every single day so they are well-equipped no matter what your situation might be.

Wheelchairs and Motorized Scooters

Need a wheelchair? Motorized scooter? (Also referred to as an ECV for Electronic Conveyance Vehicle) You can rent one daily inside each park for a fee.

Need a single stroller? Double stroller? Ditto! Rent one as well. Though it is prudent to keep in mind that they are first come, first served. Even so, what’s the catch? Logistics!  IF the member of your party can walk in from the parking lot or bus drop off point, then you are in good shape to rent onsite.  If not, it can be a LONG walk from your arrival point to the entrance of the actual park where the rentals are housed.

Alternate ideas include bringing your own or renting from a vendor outside Disney for use on Disney property.  If you are staying onsite, there are several companies that will deliver the requested chair, vehicle or stroller directly to your hotel and subsequently pick it up at the end of your stay.  That’s convenient for sure. If you are off property, check ahead of time if their shuttle to the park includes motorized scooter accommodations.

Disney Buses Support Wheelchairs & Shooters

Tell Me About Internal Bus Transportation

The Disney transportation buses are equipped to take 2-3 motorized scooters or wheelchairs per trip, so you may have to wait for a bus with space at certain times.  Additionally, though it is a pain for the parents, they do ask that all strollers be collapsed during the bus rides.  But safety takes precedence over convenience.  I know parents who actually practice the drill at home with one parent being in charge of holding the kids while the other parent deals with the stroller and obligatory bags.

Once you’ve begun your visit inside the parks, you will see designated stroller/ scooter parking spots outside the attractions that do not allow them inside.  It is wise to bring a brightly colored ribbon to tie onto your item as it can be overwhelming to find yours in a sea of parked “vehicles”! To keep it even more fun, Disney cast members routinely move them to accommodate empty spaces so don’t assume that you will find it where you left it.  Many shows do allow for the scooters to enter the venue so research ahead of time to know which ones do.

Do Parties with Wheelchairs Go through the Line Faster?

Last note.  There is no such thing as “skipping to the front of the line if you have a wheelchair accommodation” in your party.  Due to the sheer numbers of people and the few who abused the policy, regular lines or Fast Passes apply across the board. However, let a Castmember know if your party member will need a few extra minutes to transfer to the ride. They will be able to explain the procedures to accommodate this need.

So, if walking is a challenge, my key advice is to slow down your daily pace and allow time for transfers, parking, maneuvering etc. It can be done and everyone can enjoy Disney!