How Good is the Wi-Fi Access at Disney?

Is the thought of running out of battery life on your phone, iPad or laptop a concern that makes your heart pound a bit faster?  Does being connected digitally comprise a significant percentage of your day? Rest assured you are not alone.  Today people are placing wi-fi and technology battery life at the top of their must-have list! If it’s not for pulling work email, it’s to look up information, find directions, make reservations, buy tickets, take photos, text, SnapChat, post…. You get the point!

None of that changes on vacation and your access to My Disney App while at Disney is of prime necessity throughout the day, so your phone battery will be given a complete workout!

Disney Parks Have Wifi

The first question you will ask is about the overall connectivity  in Walt Disney World. Does it even exist? Yes, I’m pleased to say it does! Walt Disney World has full connectivity in the hotels and in the parks and most places in between.  Usage level is very high and yes, there are spots and/or times where it will not work at all, particularly inside attractions that are built with a lot of metal or when crowds are extraordinarily high!

That said, you already know your phone battery will only last about 4-5 hours into the day before it will need the ubiquitous charge.  The sheer number of times you will open your phone will make your head spin. So, as always, have a plan.  Most of you have already invested in a portable phone charger of some sort to carry with you in the parks.

Disney Offers Fuel Rod Swaps

What About Phone Charging in the Parks?

If you do not own a portable battery charger or you forget it, Disney does offer a Fuel Rod system in their parks. Costs about $30 ($25 if you order ahead online) and comes with the fuel rod and a cord to charge your phone and then you can recharge in a wall or computer USB port.  On the plus side, they have stations in various locations where you can drop off a drained fuel rod for a free replacement that is fully charged.  YEA! However; users report the downside is that it can only charge your phone 50-70% before it’s drained. So, it’s possibly something you will need to replace several times throughout the day.  So, plan accordingly. IF the kiddos have iPads to pass the time in line, remember they will run out of juice too!

You may benefit from taking a surge protected power cord  for use in your hotel if you have multiple phones and/or devices that will need nightly charging! Rarely do hotels have enough outlets.

YEA for internet access wherever you roam in Disney.  BOO for battery life that can’t keep up. Make a plan for charging and you’ll have Aunt Sally following your every move from several states away!