How to Plan a Successful Multi-Family Vacation at Disney!

The thinking goes like this. Since we all enjoy each other’s company and want to spend time together, let’s go on a group vacation! This could apply to generational families or simply families that are friends.

As we’ve mentioned in other blogs, this will be a huge success as long as expectations are carefully managed. When multiple adults are involved, it can become complicated quickly and nothing ruins a vacation faster than hurt feelings or emotional outbursts.

10 Tips for Planning a Multi-Family Disney Vacation

So, here’s the scoop on how to enjoy the process, the vacation and the joy of having memories to treasure!

  1. Decide location. Lucky you. That’s already been done! Walt Disney World is the bomb for group vacations because there are so many options.
  2. Decide date. Survey everyone and get the top three availability dates. Ideally within the time frame of 6-18 months from now. Overlap the dates and see if a window emerges that all could work with.
  3. Decide who will be in charge of the major decisions. You can start a Google Docs chart to keep track of everything and that way everyone in the group can access it and be kept in the loop.
  4. Decide how the money will be handled. Some things will need to be paid in advance or if group rates can be capitalized upon, who can put up a credit card and are others trustworthy to pay up by an agreed upon date?
  5. Decide if staying onsite or offsite. There are excellent pros and cons to both and we can help you research to decide what’s best for your group.
  6. Decide how many days you will go into parks? That will determine how many tickets you will need to purchase.
  7. Be Our Guest Dining in Fantasyland

  8. Decide on food. Will you stay somewhere with a kitchen so breakfast and dinners can be prepped there? Will the families trade off meal prep or does no one want to cook? Are you foodies and want to eat in a nice restaurant each day? Should you consider the dining plans offered by Disney? Getting hangry at Disney is not a pretty sight.
  9. Plan to NOT spend every minute of every day with each other. Specifically have blocks of time for individual families to do their own thing. It’s refreshing to be independent for a while and then come back and share your adventure with the rest of the group later in the day.
  10. Make a lean “must-do” list for each family so everyone feels their desires were taken into account!
  11. Keep in mind. Plans benefit everyone but at some point in the trip, everyone will need to be able to “go with the flow” when things beyond your control crop up. It happens. To everyone. And it will be okay!

Finally, decide who is going to call Southlake Travel so we can help plan your multi-family vacation!