How to Best Plan for Weather at Disney

Ah, the Florida weather worries! A consideration, absolutely! A worry, No!

Will it rain while you are in Florida for your Disney vacation? Most likely, yes. Simply download that fact and move forward in your planning with that in mind.

Florida is well known for their frequent fast-moving rain showers that can happen almost daily! Will the rain shut down the parks? Not unless there is a hurricane approaching. In fact, Disney has only closed its parks four different days since their opening in 1971 and they were all in anticipation of hurricanes.

What Happens When It Rains at Disney?

How do we handle the rain? When the usual rain shower pops up, the prepared visitor will have a dollar store lightweight poncho to throw on and continue on their way. Of course, Disney sells them but at $8-$10 a pop, that puts the four-member family back $40. Unless you consider it a souvenir purchase! Which is a completely valid perspective in my mind! Or you can take advantage of the extra rain on a wet ride anyway like Splash Mountain! You can also resume your regularly scheduled plan because the sidewalks will be almost clear of people and you can make great time getting from place to place.

Most attractions will remain operating or take only a brief pause during a heavy downpour. A great majority of folks will take a break from their plan to sit and rest or have a snack. These are excellent options. Again, managing expectations is key! Rain will happen and identifying a few directions your family can take when it happens will eliminate the frustration or disappointment when those wet drops from the sky begin to fall.

Go Watch a Show When It Rains

Lightning is, of course, the unpredictable show stopper. When there is lightning detected around the parks, accompanied by rain or not, certain rides are required to temporarily shut down for the safety of all involved. But fear not, there is always plenty to do even when it is raining! Eat, shop, watch a show! Look for a waiting area that’s covered or a show that seats lots of folks and lasts 20-30 min.

Considering Florida gets about 50 inches of rain a year, it’s more than likely you will get wet at some point. It really is okay! Have a plan, poncho up and keep on moving! That may be the story you tell over and over once the trip is in the books!