What is a Magic Band Good for at Walt Disney World?

The question might more accurately be, what isn’t a Magic Band good for at Walt Disney World? So…let’s see…

Can it get you onto the Magical Express at the airport? Yes, if you stay onsite.

Can it open your onsite hotel room? Yes.

Can it get you into a WDW park? Yes.

Can it pay for a purchase in a park? Yes, if you stay onsite.

Can it access your FastPass reservation and let you in line? Yes.

Can it access your Memory Maker photos? Yes.

Can it sync with the My Disney Experience App? Yes.

Is it waterproof? Yes.

Disney Magic Bands Can Be Customized to Fit You

Is it adjustable? Yes, with lots of options!

Is it customizable? Yes. Let your imagination fly!

How does it work? RFID chip.

Can it be used more than once? Yes.

Can it help you find a missing person in your group? Yes, well probably.

Are they free? Yes, if you stay onsite. But for a mere $12.95 it may be the most practical souvenir you’ll invest in! You will have more options as Disney is coming out with changeable Magic Band centers that pop out and can be inserted into a lanyard or bag pull.

Do they work offsite? Sadly, no. Some folks go into withdrawal when they return home only to be faced with the reality that they can’t pay for their Walmart purchases by Magic Band!

The idea was to make your trip safer and more streamlined by reducing the amount of stuff necessary to carry with you while you enjoy all Disney has to offer! You no longer need to keep up with a room key, credit card, paper fast pass, park entry tickets etc. In this case, less is more!

We would love to help you plan your trip so you will be on your way to having your very own Magic Band!

Featured image by elisfkc via Wikimedia Commons