What Time of Year is Best to Visit Disney?

ANYTIME!  That was not meant to be a trick question!  Or a trick answer!

Seriously, anytime IS the best time to visit Disney except for maybe the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  I’d probably steer clear of that week if it’s your first trek through the Kingdom. Unless crowds invigorate you. Then by all means go and enjoy that week because the crowds will most definitely be top notch!

The rest of us will stick to the other 51 weeks of the year thank you very much! Here are a few guiding questions to help you determine which season of the year might be best for your Disney vacation.  You can answer these based on your preferences (seeing as you are the one planning the trip) or you can consider all those going on the trip with you (though keep in mind majority rules!).

When is the Best Time to Visit Disney?

What season do you like best? What season do you enjoy being outside? What weather can you tolerate with the least amount of effort? What season has the least commitments for work or school? What other seasonal events might be going on at Disney that could enrich or detract from your enjoyment of the parks? Is there a ride or attraction that you absolutely must do when you go?

Visiting Disney in the Fall

Disney’s site has about seven months of annual events listed for your perusal.

Once you have narrowed your plans to a few possible time frames, you can again hit Disney’s site for an exhaustive list of rides or attractions going into refurbishment and may be closed for the time you are considering.

All that said, the best time to go to Disney is the time that best accommodates your family.  Yes, September through May will have less school-aged children.  Yes, Spring Break weeks will have higher attendance.  Yes, throughout the year avid runners descend upon Disney for marathons through the parks. Yes, folks get married in the parks frequently.  Will any of these things affect your visit?  Maybe, maybe not.  Only you can answer that.

You alone know your expectations and what will spell M-A-G-I-C for you!